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Dr. Selene Maya Author

“He reached down from on high and took hold of me; he drew me out of deep waters."

2 Samuel 22:17



Book Cover for Silent Cry, Loud Echo  God Heard Me 
by Dr. Selene Maya Author

Even when it seems like we are all alone, God is always with us.

That is the central message in this memoir by Dr. Selene Maya Author, who was born the youngest of ten children in a Hindu home in Guyana, South America.

She and her siblings grow up living off the land, and she develops a passion for true healing during her adolescent years, working to find answers for herself, her family, and society at large.

At age fourteen, she immigrates to the United States of America, and it isn’t long before she is working two jobs, including at a department store. 

She thinks nothing of it when the store manager also from Guyana befriends her, but its all a ploy so he can brutally rape her when he gets her alone. From that day on, work is a degrading and humiliating experience.

For years, she suffers from low self-esteem and feels alone, but when all hope seems lost, she cries out to Jesus. He hears her cry and retrieves her from a lonely place to set her feet on solid rock.

Join the author on a real-life Cinderella story that shows the power of perseverance, family, faith, and prayer. 


Book Cover  for " I Place My Hands in HIs" Forty Days of Devotions 
by Dr. Selene Maya Author


I Place My Hands in His: Forty Days of Devotions invites readers to embark upon a pilgrimage marked by daily encounters with the inspiring reflections of Dr. Selene Maya Author. In this collection, she delves into the rich resources of the Scriptures and the long history left behind by others who have followed Jesus along the spiritual path. Her background as a professional holistic healer also enables her to fold into these devotions her personal insights that help each days message to ground itself in the readers life. This devotional will lead to healing for the whole person; spiritual empowerment, physical wellness, mental healing and emotional peace.

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