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"You are my angel and I thank you!"

I was diagnosed with M.S. . After being in and out of hospitals and taking 10 different medications, I was slowly loosing my strength. I became wheelchair bound and could not do much for myself. Drawing is my passion and I could not steady my hand to draw the simplest thing. Bet then we met Selene.She made us feel loved! Within 6 weeks I went from wheelchair bound to being able to stand, cook, clean and even drive again! You are my angel and  I thank you!

Lisa & Family

"...totally changed my way of life for the better!"

Exhausted and tired with lots of health issues and lots of prescriptions for medications, I didn't know what to do next. A friend recommended that I talk with this doctor. Everything I heard was correct! The love, genuineness and caring was felt immediately! She listened carefully as I told her my health issues. I had severe digestion problems, inflamed gums and sores on my tongue, to name a few. I had been taking Fosamax and struggled with all the side effects that came with it. My joint pain was severe too!

She helped me through by suggesting a better diet and nutritional supplements.  Today I am medication-free and feeling great!  Thank you for your love and more importantly for caring!


"...the way to excellent health!"

I ws days away from going to the hospital to see a specialist for what had been diagnosed as severe psoriasis, Selene took one look at my hands and feet and knew immediately thatit was in fact NOT psoriasis, but a severe yeast infection due to extended eposure to moisture.  I had been miserable for almost a year and after spending literally thousands of dollars ( and soon to spend probably thousands more). she put me on a curative yeast program and I was cured in two weeks! I am now a regular client and I feel absolutely GREAT!

Stephanie T.

"Thank you so much!"

I have made it through much of my life unscathed by medical problems.  I have been very healthy other than the birth of my 4 wonderful children. I am a caregiver for my family and by profession.  I am an educated woman, but nothing could prepare me for a diagnosis of breast cancer I received. Prayer, surgery, and radiation were my diet. I was advised to take multiple vitamins. My first meeting with Dr. Selene was impressive. She took one look at me and began to describe my symptoms. She was 100% correct. She prescribed for me some multivitamins, immune builders, and several other items to help strengthen my body through my fight against cancer.  She explained the importance of nutritional education.  

One year has passed since our initial meeting and I remain an avid client.  I am feeling better and aspire to bring my body to a new normal.  I realize that my successful reovery is because of God. He is the ultimate healer, but every once in a while he sends a blessing our way to enhance our recovery. Mine was Selene, who through naturapathic knowledge and prayer, gave me the tools to help fight my cancer.  Today I am cancer-free.


"I am so appreciative for the assistance."

I was having problems I thought were from my deodorant, but you taught me it was because of an imbalance in my pH!  The liquid chlorophyll you suggested not only took care of the embarrassing odor under my arms, but other areas too! LOVE IT!

Carmen- Prince Frederick

"Thank you for getting us in the right direction."

I came to you last week to get nutritional advice for my sone who has ADHD.  I bought the products you suggested, gave them to my sone that night at supper and again at breakfast the next morning.  His teacher called me on her lunch break to ask what I had done differently, because she had a completely different student in her classroom!  Thank you so much for getting us going in the right direction.  Your advice and guidance is the only thing that has produced this type of result.  Naturopathy works! We will be lifelong clients!

Jennifer Y.